The slender woman sits at a massive wooden table in her office near the Alster, which is also a meeting room, studio and temporary storage space. Her cell phone, telephone and laptop are within easy reach. From the cigarillo in her hand, threads of smoke drift through the room. It's the same way a cartoonist would draw a boss. "I'm just the Umani, all of this is a part of me." Pfeiffer Celik's husband has also worked at the company for three years. "There, I'm a boss just like I am for everyone else," she says. At no point did they find the constellation unusual. And at home, they are equal again anyway, she says. Both bring their roots into the upbringing of the children: she Turkish, he German, she Muslim, he Christian. That's also how the family celebrates Christmas every year. "And I love it," says Pfeiffer Celik. When she was a child herself, the holiday was not celebrated. "That was painful sometimes, because we could see how beautiful it was with our classmates," she says. Her own children have it better. "We just celebrate the German and Turkish festivals."