Dear customer, 

please wash our 2 - colored blouses (even with white) and colored blouses with color liquid laundry detergent at 86 ° F only.

Cotton or cotton/lycra
The slight lycra fabric in our blouses and shirts gives a good care of property and a high wearing comfort. Please note the special care instructions within the item or on the sewn care label.

Special note: Deodorant
There are sometimes discolorations with some deodorants. Please test on a hidden area to see if your deodorant causes discoloration.  

This is a chemical reaction and not a material error.

Stains by Deodorants

The antiperspitant deodorants leave ugly stains on fabrics. These stubborn stains do not get out when washing, even spotting agents will not help. Aluminum salts, which are responsible for this, make sure that your skin contracts and they narrow the sweat glands. You will sweat less. However, they attack the fabric, which is on the skin. These salts are particulary good with dyes. This often results in gray spots on colorful T-shirts and yellow spots on white fabric. If your product contains such substances can be recognized by the declaration. They hide behind names like aluminum chlorohydrates or start with aluminum.

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Stain treatment

Please check the fastness on the inside or on the inside seam of the garment. Note the exposure time. DO NOT USE GASOLINE. You can use gall soap or other special stain agents. Please wash the whole garment after treatment. Please note: All means for removing stains may discolor the garment.

Color seperation
Always wash colored fabrics seperated by colors.

Please wash cotton textiles according to the care instructions in the article. Please make sute that the filling does not completely fill the drum. If your product is sensitive, please reduce the load (the more water flows around your laundry, the better the result). 

Washing powder
Usual washing powders often contain bleach and optical brighteners. Please note the correct dosage and instructions for your detergent. This helps to obtain color and shape and you will have longer enjoyment of your product.

Washing temperature
It is generally sufficient, even from a hygeniec point, to wash cotton outerwear at 86 Fahrenheit.

Do not use a dryer. 

Please iron from the left. To avoid slightly brithening, please use a damp cotton cloth with black fabrics.

Please note the following explanation of the care symbols